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  CIVILIZED GALACTIC GEAR: Mercantile and Trading Compan Our Pouches are not plastic or resin castings painted to 'look like leather props'. These are fully functional, actual leather pouches. Our belts edges are all beveled and burnished. Each item is hand crafted steadfast to the Star Wars mythos, antiqued, aged and pre-weathered with a battle worn, 'Lived in Universe' look. And because of this artfully executed and desired 'Older Other World' technique, though the items may be similar in appearance, no two will be exactly alike.

   CGG has endeavored long, and worked ardently to make these accessories usable. A philosophy of dedication to detail and authenticity combined with functionality, a high level of quality, and pride in craftsmanship, are the driving factors behind our arts and wares.

   CGG’s crafts are built for the “Real World Jedi” of ardent Fandom. The Jedi who adventure from convention to convention, continent to continent, and who have dedicated their love of 'the Mythology' in service to those who may be less fortunate.

   CGG is not just here for the Jedi who wishes to look good, but for the Jedi who wishes ... to look really good

Orders can take up to 6-8 weeks

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